y0 3v3ry0n3. 1t’z m3, Gr3g0ry. 1 w4nt3d 2 sh0w j00 my 15 y34r 0Ld c0mput3r d4t h4z b33n br0k3n 4 y34rz. 1 th1nk 1 c4n g3t 1t w0rk1n' 4g41n, 1f 1 c4n f1nd @ w0rk1n' fL0ppy d1sk dr1v3. 1 pL4n 2 0n3 d4y 1nst4LL Mz-D0z 6.22 0n 1t. 4nyw4y, h3r3 1z s0m3 p1ctur3z:

IMG 2434

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